Typical configurations for pedestrians

Our ProfilGate® go was especially designed to clean the soles of the employees within industrial environments.

The length of the cleaning field is key to remove all dirt reliably. We recommend that the field is chosen in a length that allows to have 3 contact between each sole and the cleaning field.

This is a short configuration that can be used in front of doors, where people are forced to do several steps, automatically.

Segments: 2 x 1 ProfilGate b45 go
Field size: 1404 x 976 mm

good cleaning

In those areas that are not used by vehicles, ProfilGate go can also be installed „above-ground“, using dedicated (short) ramps.

Segments: 1 x 3 ProfilGate b45 go oberflur
Field size: 1102 x 3328 mm

Very good cleaning

This configuration is suited for pedestrians and trolleys.

Segments: 2 x 2 ProfilGate b45 go
Field size: 1404 x 1952 mm

Good cleaning