Typical configurations for tire cleaning outside

In those passages allowing access from outside there is usually a lot of dirt accumulated. Therefore we recommend to use our 55mm and 65mm models, in these areas, as their extra space allows to collect more dirt, leading longer times between the cleaning cycles and thus helps to save cost

The length of the cleaning field is key to remove all dirt from the tires reliably. We recommend that the field is chosen in a length that is on par with 3-4 times the tire circumference.

This set up is using a complete stainless steel Profilgate model (i55) and is suited for vehicle with tires up to 415mm diameter, entering sensitive production areas.

Segments: 3 x 4 ProfilGate i55
Field size: 2154 x 3920 mm
Very good cleaning for tire Ø < 311 mm

Good cleaning for tire Ø < 415 mm

This configuration is suitable for areas with a lot of traffic and vehicles with bigger tires. (up to 830 mm diameter).

Segments: 5 x 8 ProfilGate b65
Field size: 3590 x 7840 mm

Very good cleaning for tire Ø < 623 mm

Good cleaning for tire Ø < 831 mm