Suitabilities and limitations of ProfilGate®

Even the best system has its limitations – and we don´t want to promise anything our system cannot fulfill. Please refer to the following information on the suitabilities and limitations of the ProfilGate® system.

High load-bearing capacity

During the development phase of the ProfilGate system we took great care to design a system that can fulfill the requirements of daily use under heavy conditions within industrial environments. Even the lightest ProfilGate systems offer a maximum load-bearing capacity of 10 tons. Other models offer the possibility to elevate the load-bearing capacity up to 40 tons


Dust, dirt and rubber abrasion

This kind of dirt and soil can be brushed off easily by the ProfilGate® system. Even the transportation of moisture can be significantly reduced. If in doubt about your application, please contact us, so we can evaluate your individual request.

Driving direction

In order to assure an optimum cleaning effect and to avoid any unnecessary wear & tear of the brushes, we recommend to pass the cleaning field in straight direction. U-turns and sharp braking or acceleration should be avoided while passing the system. Otherwise the bushes could wear out gratuitous fast.


Heat resistance

ProfilGate® is designed for a maximum ambient temperature of 50 °C. On option, a heat-resistant version up to 80 °C is deliverable.

Speed limit

The speed limit of 6 km/h may not be exceeded while passing the cleaning field.


Mud and extreme soiling

ProfilGate® is not suitable for mud and extreme soiling. For this kind of purpose, there are other systems available on the market.

Clean room areas

ProfilGate® is perfect to minimize contamination prior to entering clean rooms, such as in semiconductor production facilities, production of sterile pharmaceuticals, food products, etc. However, the system is not dedicated to be used inside the clean rooms, themselves.